Minions Collective Universal Pictures

Minions Collective

Universal Pictures NBC International x Innovation centre Central Saint Martins


An Unexpected Collaboration between Innovation centre at Central Saint Martins and Minions for Universal pictures

Universal's Minions teamed up with  Central Saint Martin’s to launch the Minions Collective. In anticipation of the first Minions movie being released in cinemas, the innovation centre at Central Saint Martins created the Spring/Summer 2015 “Season of Minions”.

The aim of this event was to create an unexpected and immersive journey for the audience to see a fashion show inspired by the spirit of the Minions. The audience was taken on a journey from one "world" to another before arriving at an urban car park in New York. Here they were fully immersed in the spirit of the Minions and it was revealed that the "worlds" they had traveled through were glimpses into the life of the Minions. 

Made in collaboration with Philippine Laureau and Denisa Dumitrescu