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Tanit Sinfonietta


London Sinfonietta 


The installation explored different perceptions of a story; how people can blow the truth out of proportion and how society relates to a deity.

‘Tanit’ was an extremely collaborative performance from the outset. Starting with a conversation between composer and the violist, they experimented with a soundscape that uses aluminium foil to evoke the sound of an Armenian duduk. The composer then presented this to the artists and we structured the show in time to the composition. Popping of balloons marked landing points in the music.

Popping their heads through holes they hear the violist’s strumming as they take their seats. The artists shake the balloons in time with the music, transforming the violin's chords into a resounding hum.

The live performance first took place in Queen Elizabeth Hall in 2013, part of London Sinfonietta Show 3 then was exhibited during Dance Umbrella Festival 2013. 

Made in collaboration with Jack Irving, Philippine Laureau and Tracy Ting. Composer Bushra El Turc and Musician Miranda Fulleylove