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Spleen 2.0

Spleen 2.0

Short Film


Originally inspired by Beaudelaire and his poetry about the Spleen. His description of melancholy with no apparent cause characterised by a disgust of everything. He talked about boredom, nostalgia and depression: welcome to life 2.0. We text, tweet, or like in a second and in a second people from all over the world can answer back. We speak HTML and the internet is our best friend.

Everything goes fast, everything moves quickly. Fast food, high speed, quick win, speed dating. People don’t take time anymore. Unlike the generations before us, everything is disposable.

This short music video is about media overload; an experimental journey from nature to our collective lobotamies. It explores how people are attracted to the beauty of cities and how the core of our humanity is modified by it. It examines how nature feeds our silence.

Made in collaboration with Philippine Laureau

Music and editing by Carlos Candela Terry & Maxime Carmas