Their Voices


 Their Voices

Meeqqat Nippat



Their Voices visualizes the impact of global warming in Uummannaq, a small and remote island off of Northern Greenland. It is a pristine and awe-inspiring landscape of striking beauty and purity. The local population is much affected by melting ice, as well as by ‘black winds’ which bring pollution from all over the world. 

Their Voices immerses you in the world of Inuit children, with their unspoilt emotion, unfettered intuition, and purity of intention. This new generation aspires to a Western way of life, and thus the Inuits may lose their traditions and culture.

The human voice is a vibratory information system, and communication comes through resonance. Words can be untruthful, but the voice comes straight from the heart.

Made in collaboration with photographer Milan Lautier & music by Holly Khan 


Global Heath Film Festival 2017

Official Selection Global Health Film Festival, Barbican, 2017

Royal College of Art, IED Show

Best Information at the Royal College of Art IED Final Show 2017


. ARTE - 6 November 2017

Arte Info Web part of the COP23 taking place at Bonn till the 17th of November ' Where does Germany miss its climate goals?'

. THE LANCET - 2 December 2017

2017 Global Health Film Festival: stories of climate change



To Ann Andreasen, the volunteers and all the children from the Uummannaq Children's Home

To Matt Clark and David Buckland

* Thank You 


John  Cutts
Monika Cutts


Since making this project, two tsunamis have hit Uummannaq and Nuugaatsiaq in North Greenland. 

The children are safe but the two affected villages need support. 
Please take this opportunity to help by donating here: